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Practical Mysticism - $20.00

Practical Mysticism is a new paradigm that is beginning to shape the consciousness of spiritually-minded people. It is an approach to the spiritual journey that involves developing a mystical connection to the soul, while at the same time remaining grounded, mentally focused, and outwardly effective in daily life. In this presentation, William Meader will examine Practical Mysticism from several perspectives, including the importance of blending love and will, creative meditation, and how to use the mind to properly register the soul’s intuitions.

Start: Wed Jan 16th 7:00pm

End: Wed Jan 16th 9:00pm

The Cry of Humanity

~ Birth Pangs of a New and Dawning World ~ Whether we consider the horrifying events transpiring in the Middle East, the devastating refugee crisis in Europe, or the unprecedented political events that have recently transpired in the United States and abroad, humanity is facing a global crisis of unparalleled proportions. Yet, when such events are examined from a spiritual perspective, it becomes clear that we are witnessing the prelude to a great initiatory opportunity facing the human family. Indeed, it is a period when the Soul of Humanity is seeking to shape outer events in support of an emerging era of human betterment and prosperity. In this presentation, the nature of crisis will be examined (individually, nationally and globally), and how it relates to the emergence of the Soul of Humanity.

Start: Fri Jan 18th 7:00pm

End: Fri Jan 18th 9:00pm


~ Holding the Mind Steady in the Light ~ Due to its tendency to dismiss intuition, the mind has been called the Slayer of the Real. Though this title has much merit, it is, however, only a half-truth, for the mind is also humanity’s greatest gift. When rightly used, human thought has the power to reveal the soul’s wisdom and conveys a deeper meaning to the circumstances of life. As such, it is equally true to say that it is the Revealer of the Real. Indeed, the mind is the agent for the soul’s revelations. To rightly experience the revelations emitted by the soul, it is important to “hold the mind steady in the light.” In this seminar, the mind’s intimate relationship with the soul will therefore be closely examined. We will consider its role as the receptive instrument for the revelation of light. The Light of Wisdom, the Light of Intuition and the Light of Life itself (to name just a few forms of spiritual radiation) will be closely considered. Below are some (but not all) of the topics that will be presented and discussed. We hope you can join us. * The nature and transformation of the mind * Revelation and the Art of Thoughtform Building * Meditation – Holding the Mind Steady in the Light * Developing the communication conduit (Antahkarana) for revelation

Start: Sat Jan 19th 10:00am

End: Sat Jan 19th 5:00pm

Personalized Astrological Readings by William Meader

January 17th- 18th By purchasing this ticket you will receive a personal astrological reading by William Meader on Jan 17th-18th, 2019. After you make payment please call the Cosmic Center at 941-371-9333 to fill out a questionnaire.

Start: Thu Jan 17th 11:00am

End: Fri Jan 18th 6:00pm

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